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Manager's MESSAGE

Dear Parents, Human resource is a major driving force behind the development of any country. Developing capable and industrious human resource requires laying a strong foundation in early years of life. Hence, school education plays a vital role in it. I take immense pride in stating that my school has remained committed to this cause. Our school has been striving to create socially responsible global citizens. With a safe, and educationally challenging environment that encourages collaboration and achievement of individual excellence through self-discovery. We are committed to position our school as key enablers for future, at the same time retaining the core value system of Indian society.

We are mindful of the ever-changing role that education has to play in creating leaders of tomorrow. It is time to do away with run-of-the-mill practices and open our classrooms to innovation, critical thinking and invite all to participate.

I firmly believe that education is a joint venture of all stakeholders-learners, mentors and parents. I state with conviction that my school will always experience strong hand- holding with parent community. This impactful connection will immensely contribute to the learning experiences of children studying in this school.

I look forward to engaging with the parents in an open way to further this partnership. I may be contacted at-S. N. Chaudhary

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