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Leave rules

  • Leave has to be approved by the appropriate authority.
  • Parents should fill up the leave Application given in the school Almanac for each day the student is absent from school stating the reason for absence or leave taken. A student who has been absent on the previous day will not be allowed to join the school, without the same.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexpected absence for more than ten consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee, provided the vacancy still exists.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexpected absence for more than ten consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee, provided the vacancy still exists.
  • All children are expected to attend school on the opening day after every vacation. It is compulsory for students to complete 75% attendance in the year to make them eligible for the final assessment. In case attendance is short, the student will not be eligible for any academic prize.
  • Students returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease must bring a fitness certificate from a doctor.
  • Students suffering from any one of the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the school.
  • Chicken Pox -Till complete falling of scab.

    cholera -Till the child is completely well

    Measles - After the rashes disappear.

    Mumps - Until the swelling has gone (about one month)

    Whooping cough - Six weeks.

    Jaundice - Six weeks.


Uniform rules

School uniform gives a sense of identity and ensures uniformity provided among the students. It should be worn with a sense of dignity and pride and should be adhered to by all the students. All students are expected to wear the school uniform as specified during the classes, functions and trips etc. Parents are expected to ensure that their ward is in proper uniform before leaving home.

  • Students must wear their identity card everyday.
  • For all the students, the proper footwear in both summer fitness and winter is black shoes. No shoes of any other colour or kind nor slippers or other forms of high-heeled shoes are permissible. White shoes should be worn for games and activity only.
  • Students must carry a handkerchief and a napkin to school
  • All boys (except Sikhs) must wear their hair short. Sikh boys should wear bottle green dastars / turbans. Girls should their hair properly with black bands. Long hair should b plaited neatly. They should not wear fancy hair clips. All boys (except Sikhs) must wear their hair short. Sikh boys should wear bottle green dastars / turbans. Girls should their hair properly with black bands. Long hair should b plaited neatly. They should not wear fancy hair clips.
  • No gold jewellery is to be worn to school.

Withdrawl rules

  • If a child has to be withdrawn from school, parents are requested to give one calendar month's notice in writing. However, the fee for the quarter will be charged.
  • Transfer certificate will not be issued until all dues of the school are cleared.



Availability of transport facility:

  • The transport will be available depending on the number of students from any particular area. In case the schoo transport is not available. The parents will have to make their own arrangements.
  • The transport fee is payable in advance.
  • Partial or one way usage of school transport is not allowed One month's notice to the transport incharge is required for withdrawal of transport facility.
  • Violation of any rule or code of conduct mentioned below may result in fine/debarment of the transport facility to the student.


  • The route is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is subject to change. No diversion/extension will be entertained on existing routes.
  • The drivers are authorized to stop buses at designated stopsonly, unless otherwise directed by the bus incharge.Regarding any change of bus stop, the Guardian must intimate the transport in charge, one month in advance.
  • The students should reach the respective bus stop ten minutes earlier than the stipulated time.
  • Buses will not wait for the latecomers.
  • Parents when they visit the school for any purpose will not be allowed to take their ward along with them, without prior intimation to the class Teacher/Transport in-charge.

General conduct and behaviour:

  • Discarding of trash or food either inside or outside the bus is not permitted.
  • Unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited.
  • Students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by their negligence and will be charged a fine accordingly.
  • Courteous behavior is expected at all times.
  • The bus martials will ensure discipline in the bus.
  • Student are not allowed to come be two wheeler/bike unless they submit a photocopy of their learner's license for a letter by father requesting for it.

Parental Co-Operation

  • The guardians must intimate the school about change of their address at the earliest in order to communicate with them in urgent matters in respect of their children.
  • Guardians are not allowed to meet teachers during school hours without the permission of the principal; alternatively, they can seek prior appointment from the teacher concerned through the school diary.
  • It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their ward reaches school at least 5 minutes before the school commences.
  • Attending the morning school assembly is compulsory for all students as it inculcates a sense of companionship and discipline among the students. Parents are not allowed, under any circumstances to enter the main school building.
  • It is mandatory for all the parents to attend PTMs (Parent-Teacher Meeting) which are conducted in the school.
  • Guardians of girls are advised, not to allow their wards to wear any jewellery and their nails should be properly trimmed.
  • Strict action will be taken, if a student is found guilty of damaging school property.
  • To ensure safety of the bicycle, students are advised to lock their bicycle and keep them at their allotted place.
  • It is imperative for the students to actively participate in different cocurricular & extracurricular activities organized by the school. Parent's cooperation is required, to ensure overall development of their child.



  • To closely monitor their ward's progress by checking the school almanac every day and paying attention to their punctuality, discipline and submission of school assignments.
  • To encourage their ward to take a balanced interest to studies, cocurricular activities and sports,
  • To inform the school immediately if there is any change in address, telephone numbers and bus sports.
  • To restrict pocket money to minimal. Excessive spending in school should be discouraged.
  • To ensure that during their ward's absence from school, work done in the classes is covered.
  • To provide a supportive value-based environment to their ward at home. Using discretion and parental judgement, keeping track of their ward's mental health and emotions.
  • To monitor the internet access of their ward and limit television viewing to appropriate programmes and duration.
  • To contact school to discuss and decide a plan of action to handle the difficulties (academic as well and behavioral) of their ward and to seek guidance. The letter from the parents will be replied to, after discussion with the concerned teachers.
  • To ensure that their ward appears for all tests as per the schedule given in the Almanac. In case the child is unable to take the examination, prior intimation must be given to the class teacher in writing. To discourage their ward from taking leave during the examination days.


  • School Diary is a very important contact between the parents and the school. Kindly use it whenever you wish to communicate with the teacher on any matter.
  • Check the school diary everyday for any communication from the teacher.
  • List of holidays and other important information is given in the Almanac. You are requested to read all information given in the Almanac carefully.
  • Holidays would be observed as mentioned in the diary. Any change in the holidays will be communicated to you. Fill in both the pages of student's personal Record.
  • Fill in the page of Health Medical Record.
  • The format for leave application should be followed as per the sample given.
  • Go through the fee details page & fill it as per the given format.
  • Parent/ Teacher interaction pages should be used for communication.
  • The dates for Assessments are mentioned in the Almanac. They may be subject to change. Prior information intimating the change will be sent to the parents.
  • The diary is to be brought to school daily.



  • School is functional for the student from Monday to Saturday.
  • Students must carry their Almanac to school every day. Parents should check it regularly.
  • All the students are expected to reach school before the morning bell rings.
  • The school gates will be closed 5 minutes after the bell rings.
  • A disciplinary action will be taken if the children are repeatedly late to school.
  • Students who come to school with their escorts will not be permitted to leave the school with anyone else. In case of an emergency, the person must carry an authority letter from the parent to take the child home.
  • Students are not allowed to go to a relative or friend's house from school.
  • Students using the school bus should maintain discipline in the bus. Bus facility will be withdrawn in case where discipline is not properly maintained.
  • Students are to be neatly dressed in school uniform in all working days and school functions.
  • All the text books and exercise books should be neatly covered and properly labeled. All the belongings of students must bear their name, class and section.
  • No books (other than text books or library books) should be brought to the school.
  • The school is not responsible for goods that are lost. It is advisable not to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, fancy stationery items and items of jewellery etc.
  • Mobile phones or any other electronic gadget, if found with the student, will be confiscated and action will be taken.
  • Lending or borrowing of money or any other articles is strictly prohibited.
  • Care must be taken of all school property. Students should be trained not to damage any school furniture. Write or draw anything on the walls. Recovery of any damage will be done from the concerned student.
  • Students are advised to keep their classrooms/school building/campus neat and clean. Waste material and leftover must be thrown into the dustbins only.
  • Students should observe polite and civil behavior. Shouting, bullying or use of foul language is forbidden.
  • Under no pretext should a student miss any teaching/games/activity period.
  • Change of classroom between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  • Parents and guardians must not enter the class rooms either to see their ward or to meet the teachers during school hours.
  • Parents and guardians of all the student should contact the teacher on the PTM days to note the progress of their ward.
  • A student who uses unfair means during tests will be given Zero in the subject and warning letter.
  • It is mandatory for all children to take school tests. No retest is allowed. You are requested not to send your ward for the weekly test in case of any serious illness. The child will not be sent back home after the test. He or she will have to attend full school.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend to take strict disciplinary action against a student whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory, or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • The student indulging in any misbehavior directly or online which could be derogatory for the institution or any person will be strictly punished.
  • Office bearers will wear their respective badges daily.
  • Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without permission. They will not be called to the reception to answer phone calls during school hours.
  • The school has the right to retain the work books, activity books and any other material used by the students in the class.
  • Low waist skirts/trouser are not permitted. Strict action will taken against uniform defaulters.